Waitrose Store, Hexham

Helical Piles / Screw Piles being installed at Waitrose Store in Hexham

Helical Pile Solutions were approached and awarded the works by CTS Shopfitting Ltd during the early design phase to assist with a viable and sustainable solution to mitigate the amount of spoil removed from site and reduce overall programme duration.

The soil conditions were difficult with varying bands of gravels across the site which meant a solution needed to be the same over the enitre footprint to limit any settlements for the new extension.

Helical Piles also known as Screw Piles were the perfect fit given the versatility of the product and so piles were designed up to 6m long to found in dense sands and gravels to support axial loads up to 200kN SLS.

Within the first couple of days of installation it was evident that the band of sands and gravels were stronger at 4m that the ground investigation data had shown and therefore we were able to adjust design in-situ with torques verified during the installation process.

All piles were installed in a total of 4 days with follow on concrete rafts as soon as piles were complete.



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