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Helical Pile Solutions specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of helical piles, serving customers throughout the UK with exceptional service and unparalleled expertise. No project is too big for us to handle or too small for us to value. 

We offer a full turnkey service of design, manufacture, supply and installation but also offer a bespoke service where customers can choose which of our services to utilise. If you would like to become part of our network of approved installers, please contact our team to start the process.


At Helical Pile Solutions, we design our helical piles to suit specific site and ground conditions. At the beginning of every project we undertake site visits, review the soil data and calculate loads to be able to precisely design and manufacture our helical piles for their intended application.

The correct size and configuration of helical piles depends on multiple factors which is why we do not advertise helical pile capacities on our website. Only once we have specific site and project information can we give you an accurate estimation of the number of piles you will need, their size and their configuration.

Although we do not advertise capacities of different pile sizes we generally support loads between 5kN all the way up to 400-500kN however this will depend on the installation equipment available within our fleet.

Helical Pile sizes range based on loadings, however we provide a variety of sizes of circular hollow section in both self-colour or galvanised with sacrificial wall thickness between 6.3mm-12.5mm. Helical Pile diameters that we currently offer are as follows:

  • 60.3mm (commonly known a 69R)              – Wall Thickness of 6.3mm
  • 76.1mm (commonly known a 76R)              – Wall Thickness of 6.3mm – 9.5mm
  • 88.9mm (commonly known a 89R)              – Wall Thickness of 8mm – 10mm
  • 114.3mm (commonly known a 114mm)     – Wall Thickness of 8mm – 12.5mm
  • 139.7mm (commonly known a 140mm)     – Wall Thickness of 8mm – 12.5mm
  • 168.3mm (commonly known a 170mm)     – Wall Thickness of 8mm – 12.5mm
  • 193.7mm (commonly known a 194mm)     – Wall Thickness of 8mm – 12.5mm
  • 219.1mm (commonly known a 219mm)     – Wall Thickness of 8mm – 12.5mm
  • 244.5mm (commonly known a 244mm)     – Wall Thickness of 8mm – 12.5mm
  • 273.0mm (commonly known a 273mm)     – Wall Thickness of 8mm – 12.5mm
  • 298.5mm (commonly known a 298mm)     – Wall Thickness of 9.5mm – 12.5mm

As a business who is working hard to reduce carbon emissions, we not only offer mill run certified steel in S275/S355 Grades but we also look to recycle steel back into the market using API L80 5CT (or similar) Grade steel that provides a 97% carbon reduction. 

Although the recycled steel does not come with a certificate of origin, we are able to provide test certificates to prove its integrity which in comparison to S355 steel grade will be at least 60% stronger in tensile strength.


At our manufacturing facility in Cambridgeshire we oversee every stage of the manufacturing process and can guarantee the quality of our product and its suitability for your project.

Backed by over 40 years of manufacturing experience, the quality of our helical piles is second to none.


We supply our helical piles directly, as well as to our network of approved installers. Each of our clients receives a bespoke service, with tailor-made advice according to specific project needs and helical piles that are manufactured to meet exact requirements.


Our team has advised and overseen the installation of thousands of helical piles for hundreds of projects. Working with our network of approved and fully trained installers, we reach every corner of the UK.


Let’s talk. Contact our team to speak about your project.

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Helical Piling Benefits

  • Fast and simple installation

  • Load immediately after installation

  • Year-round installation

  • No excavation or spoil to remove

  • Minimal equipment needed for installation

  • Minimal vibration

  • Use in both compression and tension applications

  • Easy to move or remove

  • Install in tight spaces

  • Functional in poor soil conditions

  • Little noise disturbance

  • Adaptable to a variety of installation angles

  • Eliminate or minimise concrete use

  • Installation in contaminated grounds

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